Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

Department of Food Technology and Quality Control


Dr. Matina Joshi Vaidya

Director General

Mr. Shailesh Kumar Jha

Deputy Director General

Mr. Som Kanta Rijal

Deputy Director General

Mr. Mohan Krishna Maharjan



Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) is one of the three departments under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestoks Development of Government of Nepal (GoN). It was established in 1961 A.D. as Department of Food and placed in Singha Durbar, which later in 1965 was sifted to the present location of Barbarmahal, Kathmandu. In 1966, the Department of Food then was renamed as Food Research Laboratory. The laboratory later in 1980 was again converted to Central Food Research Laboratory (CFRL) and known by this name until it became the present department as Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) in 2000 under MoAD, as mentioned earlier.

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Major Activities

Food and Feed Safety and Quality Regulation
Food and Feed Analytical Service
Food Technology Development and Nutrition
SPS Enquiry Service

Rules & Regulations

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Ms. Samiksha Banjade

Information Officer