Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

Department of Food Technology and Quality Control



Food Safety and Quality Control

  • Food Inspection (Industry & Market) and compliance.
  • Licensing of food industries.
  • Food standardization and harmonization.
  • Communication on the SPS related rules, regulations and standards.
  • Export import certification of food.
  • Creation of consumer awareness activities.

Food Technology Development and Training

  • Research and development activities in food processing technologies
  • Providing consultant services to food industries.
  • Conduction of various training on different areas of food processing, packaging,and post harvest operations.

Food and Feed Analytical Services

  • Laboratory Analysis of various foods and food products for their quality standard
  • Analysis of feeds and feed ingredients
  • Analysis of food and feed for their microbiological quality
  • Analysis of food and feed for contaminants and additives

Food and Nutrition Development

  • Development, updating and publication of food composition tables
  • Conduction of food and nutritional surveys
  • Conduction of training on food and nutrition
  • Conduction of research on various aspects of food consumption and nutrition
  • Publication of posters, pamphlets, books/booklets on food and nutrition
  • Creation of awareness on food and nutrition through radio and television programs